Harley-Davidson Dragster RS R-Odynamic by Thunderbike Customs

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Jay D
30 October 2014 Reply


I have a question. Is the Dragster RS a customized V Rod or a different make? If so, what motorcycle make is it?

31 October 2014 Reply

Hi found this information about this bike :

The R-Odynamic, is using Harley-Davidson Screamin´Eagle 110″ motor and is based on their own extremely popular TUV approved RS Dragster frame using 1 1/4” diameter cold rolled ST52 steel tubing with meticulous detail in machining and welding. Suspension is provided in the rear via their proprietary single sided swingarm and working with an air ride system. Front suspension is a complete one-off front end created for this project. Both Wheels are Thunderbike Vegas model powdercoated, rim/hub/spokes in striking white 4.50 x 23″ and 9 x 21″ respectively wrapped in rubber 130/60/-3 and 260/35-21.

Jay D
31 October 2014 Reply

Hi AlbaDoud,

Thank you for the reply. I got the difference.

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